Depressed? Anxious? Stressed?



Talk to a psychologist: the side effect is a better life!

Depression can creep into your life without warning... 

                           ....  have problems sleeping...

                           ....  can't stay asleep...

                           ....  sleeping too much...

                           ....  tired and worn down... 


                           ....  anxious, intrusive thoughts...



Activities you used to enjoy are not fun anymore...

                                  .... Is life just too daily?             



When life just isn't working, get some help to find your path again.


Dr. Kietzman is a highly qualified, well trained, and experienced psychologist, located in Billings, MT.  She is dedicated to your well-being and wholeness. 


She treats:

  • Major mental illnesses inclucing depression and anxiety.
      as well as:
  • Life Transitions
  • Stress management
  • Career and Relationship Decisions
  • Parenting issues of all ages
  • Empty Nesters:  Aging Gracefully!
  • Losses
  • Counseling for adjustment issues

To make an appointment, call:  406-248-4153
2475 Village Ln., Suite 104, Billings, MT



Dr. Kietzman will be glad to answer your questions about her counseling services, what is right for you and also help you make your first appointment.  

  • Accepts a all insurance plans.
  • Accepts major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card.
  • Fosters a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Provides personalized, professional, and compassionate treatment plans.
  • Locally Owned & Operated in Billings, Montana
  • No walk-ins please.  By appointment only.